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  1. Georgianna,
    We are finally ready to make the changes in the Treatment Planning Board D2L site that we talked about a few months ago. I loaded a lot onto it, then decided to rearrange it, and need to know how to:
    1. rename a module (I did this yesterday, but now, nothing works. What’s different???)
    2. Delete a module. No delete field appears in any clicking I can do, and the help module is USELESS.
    3. Include the interactive rubric that you designed for us.
    Nobody in this building apparently knows how to do any of these things, unless you can direct me to them. I’d love some support on this.



    1. Hi Dr. Mitchell,
      Great to hear from you and I would love to work with you on these tasks!
      The first two skills just take a moment to learn and the third is not complicated but takes a bit more time as it is more complex.
      I’d like to invite you to book us for a “FAC-SERV 3, Set Up a Course in D2L” session at your convenience (take 3 minutes to set up via my “Book Now” page). We could meet right before or after the 11/25 ITAC meeting or any other time/place.
      Looking forward to working with you.
      My best,

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