Curriculum Vitae

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Being a learner inspired me to teach; being a teacher inspired me to explore “back stage” roles that enable faculty to deliver efficient, effective, and engaging learning experiences to their students. These interests are mirrored in the highlights of my education: a bachelor’s degree in teaching English and French language and literature, a master’s degree in adult education and distance learning,  a doctoral degree (expected Summer 2019) in higher-education leadership, as well as certification in online instruction and the administration of quality online programs.

In my 10 years of teaching,  10 years of instructional-design experience, and 4 years of leadership, I have seen education:
– in multiple formats (face-to-face, hybrid, and online)
– for multiple agree groups (primarily adult learners)
– on multiple continents (Europe, Asia, and America)
– and from multiple vantage points (learner, teacher, instructor trainer, curriculum designer, instructional designer, team lead, department director, school board officer, etc.).

For more details, please visit my interactive curriculum vitae (optimized for viewing online) and/or refer to my visual resume, below.


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