End of Fall 2016 and beginning of Spring 2016 in Instructional Design

Fall 2016 is quickly coming to an end and Spring 2017 is just around the corner. As you move through the end of one semester and beginning of the next, I hope these resources will come in handy!

This article will go over topics such as:

  • troubleshooting muddy instructional points
  • posting final grades in D2L and Pounce
  • accessing your Spring 2017 D2L courses
  • crosslisting and/or sharing courses
  • course start dates
  • syllabi
  • D2L course setup
  • teaching with D2L.


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End of Fall 2016

Instructional Muddy Point Troubleshoot

Do your students have trouble accessing their D2L final exam? Do you have a quiz whose results are not showing up in the gradebook? A test where students had questions about or reported errors with a specific question?

Whatever “muddy point” you may be going through right now, please reach out to me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you with a troubleshoot. To book a FAC-TEACH 3, Instructional Muddy Point Troubleshoot appointment, click on your group:

Posting Final Grades

Need a reminder for how to show final grades to your students in D2L? Or how to post the final letter grades in Pounce?

The following tutorial shows you how to do both.

Start of Spring 2017

Accessing Spring 2017 Courses

Can’t find your Spring 2017 courses in D2L? Log into D2L (lms.augusta.edu) and use the course search box to locate your course. Here’s how:

To find your course, look at your “My Courses” frame and locate the “Search for Courses” field (as shown in the screenshot included). Next, type in “2017-SP-” (representing the year and semester) followed by your course’s prefix and number. For instance, if I were looking for the CTCM 4000 course for Spring 2017, I’d type “2017-SP-CTCM-4000” and then push return on my keyboard.

Tip: Once you access your course, it will stay in your list of 10 most recently accessed courses. If you work with more than 10 courses per semester and/or wish to have a quick way to access a specific course, you can “bookmark” it by going to “Search for a Course” at the top-left of your D2L homepage.

Search for the course using the method described above and click on the pushpin. The course will always be available from the top-down triangle next to “Select a course…” at the top-left corner of your homepage.

Sharing or Crosslisting Courses

Do you teach two course sections as one? At Augusta University, we refer to such merged courses as:

  • crosslisted or XLS (if they share the same physical space)
  • shared or SHD (if they are a mix of face-to-face and web courses/sections or web and web courses/sections)

Courses are crosslisted by the Registrar’s office and shared by your Instructional Systems Analyst. If you need to share sections, fill out this form. To make sure your request is processed in a timely fashion, please place the request a semester in advance.

D2L Course Start Dates

You are beginning to see students enrolled in your course and probably wonder when your students will be able to first see the course. All Spring 2017 courses are set to become visible to students at 12 am on 1/5/2017.

If you wish to have students see the course sooner or later than this default time, you can change the course start by going to Course Admin (top-right corner of your D2L course’s page) > Course Offering Information (it’s the first link at the top of the page) > Start Date (located about halfway through the page).


Syllabus Template


Need a syllabus template? Feel free to use the templates I built (scroll to the bottom of the Templates page). I constantly update them so each semester you are likely see some improvements.

Also, if you’d like to build your syllabus with me, feel free to schedule us for a FAC-CURRICULUM 4, Syllabus appointment by clicking on your group:

D2L Course Setup

For D2L tutorials, please visit the D2L page, where you will find a multitude of 1-3 minute video tutorials focsed on the most common functionality in D2L.

If you’d like to build your D2L course with me, feel free to schedule us for a FAC-D2L 2, D2L Course Set Up appointment by clicking on your group:

Basics of Teaching with D2L

If you’d like to take a private workshop covering the basics of teaching with D2L, feel free to schedule us for a FAC-TEACH 1, Online Teaching Basics appointment by clicking on your group:

Did you have a question that is not addressed here? Please contact me and I’ll be happy to address it! I also invite you to:

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