Enrolling a Faculty Member in Your Brightspace/D2L Course

Need to enroll someone in your Brightspace/D2L course?

If so, the following 30-second video will show you how. The video does not have narration but it does have subtitles. To enable/disable the subtitles, click the CC symbol (found at the bottom right corner of the screen after you start playing the video).

Video: How to Enroll D2L Users (MOV, 26″)

enrollEnrollment Roles

The following are some of the most common roles available at our institution:

  • Instructor: this is the course faculty member’s role; instructors have full read/write access to all course functions
  • Lecturer: suitable for a guest speaker; has content/assignments read/write privileges but does not see the gradebook
  • TA: appropriate for a teaching assistant
    • Grade: has read/write privileges in any content, assignments, and grading
    • Cannot Grade: same as above but does not see grades
  • Librarian: appropriate for the college’s embedded librarian.

For more details on these and other roles, see your college’s embedded instructional systems analyst.


I’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment with your thoughts this post and anything else you’d like me to discuss relating to Brighstpace/D2L enrollments.

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