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Research Interest

After seeing education in multiple formats, for multiple agree groups,  at various education institutions, on multiple continents, and from multiple vantage points—my research interest in centered around eLearning (i.e., 100% online education), its quality markers, its stakeholders (primarily COEOs as the decision makers), and its impact on the learners’ success.

Particularly, I am interested in how we can increase student success (at the course, semester, program, and post-graduation levels) through best practices in eLearning:

  • course design training/support
  • faculty teaching training/support
  • new student orientation/support.

Current Research

I am working on my doctoral research, expected to conclude in the summer of 2019. The working title of the study is “Powerful or Powerless? Chief Online Education Officers’ Legitimate Power and Online Program Quality of U.S. Higher-Education Institutions“.

My Doctoral Studies

I am a third of the way into my doctoral studies. The following video was created at our research residency in summer 2017.

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