Summer 2017 Courses

The summer 2017 courses are now available in D2L. I’ve prepared a few details regarding how you can access your course, combine sections, add others to your course, bring in a copy of an existing course, and work with me on design.

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How to Access Your Course

To access your course, navigate to and log in with your Augusta University credentials.

Once logged in, search for your summer course using the “2017-SU-” prefix. So, for instance, if you were looking for the ANAT 7300, Human Gross Anatomy course, you’d search for “2017-SU-ANAT-7300”. Once you access the course for the first time, it will stay in your recently accessed courses.

If your course has multiple sections that have been combined, look for the following suffix at the end of the course:

  • “XLS” for crosslisted
  • “SHD” for shared.

Crosslisting or Sharing Sections of a Course

  • XLS — If multiple sections of your course are taught in the same room, at the same time, they will automatically be crosslisted to make efficient use of space. The Registrar’s office handles crosslistings 1-2 semesters in advance.
  • SHD — If multiple sections of your course are taught in different rooms (or different times), they will need to be shared. Your ISA handles course shares 1 semester in advance. You can request shares through this form (the form only captures 2 courses; feel free to add more, as needed.)

Adding Others to Your Course

  • If you direct a course with multiple lecturers, each one of those faculty members needs to be added as a course instructor in Banner, which will trigger their automatic D2L enrollment as “instructor”. Please allow 12 hours for the Banner change to be reflected in D2L.
  • If you need academic staff added to the course, you can do so yourself, adding them as “class assistant”. Here is a brief video tutorial on how you can enroll others into your course.

Course Copy

If you are copying an existing course from a previous semester, here is a series of brief video tutorials that you may find helpful:

If you need assistance with this task, feel free to schedule us for a [your college]-FAC-D2L 2, D2L Course Set Up appointment via

Designing Your Course

If you are modifying your course or creating a brand-new course, I recommend scheduling us for curriculum, course design, or course post-production appointments via

For a complete list of my services, please see my menu at a glance (click the image below to enlarge it).

Wishing you a great summer semester!


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