Happy Valentine’s and President’s Day!

imageHappy President’s Day everyone! In my family, this year began with a visit to Washington, DC, where we immersed ourselves in our nation’s rich history. Here we are, at Lincoln memorial.

Our son, who was only a few months old when history was made in 2008 with President Obama’s election, asked me to show him those moments. A Google search later, we were watching some old video clips of election results coming in, as well as the inauguration speech. What an amazing day in our nation’s history that was! Even more amazing was to see how that excitment lit up my son’s eyes some 7 years later.

Thinking of all the presidential hopefuls campaigning not far from here, I am grateful for the time they are spending away from their homes, laying out their views and plans for us to choose from. May the best candidate win and carry forward America’s principles of liberty and justice for all!

I also hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

On this day we all look around us and not only give more love where there is already plenty, but also give love where there is little or none. We reach out to our neighbor with a warm wish and/or a heart-felt gesture. It’s a day when no love bucket is empty!

My wish to all of us at Augusta University is to continue to let our professional passion and our deep love of education flow out to our students, helping prepare the kind and mindful professional leader of the future, one that embodies our university’s values, compassion chief aming them.

Warm regards,


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