What are essential course vitamins?

In my earlier blog post I suggested that there are people vitamins and course vitamins. You know what “people vitamins” are — your A, Bs, C, D, K, etc — nutrients that contribute to your body’s well being. Now allow me to explain what I mean by “course vitamins”.

What are the essential course vitamins?

Basically vitamins are beneficial nutrients.  So what “nutrients” are beneficial to a course? The following 3 are the most important “vitamins” for a course:

  • having a goal that clearly states the knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes that the course is meant to impart to students
  • having input that presents to students everything they need in order to get to that goal
  • having output that gives students the opportunity to practice and eventually produce the target knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes.

Thus, the essential course vitamins are Goal, Input, and Output — GIO for short.

Come back to my blog to learn more about GIO and how these essential vitamins can benefit your course’s health.

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